Elite RC-1 Flight Simulator

Our flight simulator can be a great addition to your training or currency. You can simulate various weather condition, system failures, simulate a variety of different airplanes, and -- best of all -- you can pause it when needed!

Simulator time is legally loggable (if an instructor is present), and can be used for the following:

  • Up to 2.5 hours toward your private pilot license
  • Up to 20 hours toward your instrument rating
  • Up to 50 hours toward your commercial rating
  • Instrument currency requirements
  • (Most of) an instrument proficiency check

We do not recommend that it be used in place of flying a real airplane, but as an addition to your training regimen it can be invaluable. It can improve your scan and grasp of various concepts, can save you time and money in the airplane, and can let you experience more things than you would encounter in real life.

The simulator can includes: Cessna 172, Cessna 172RG, Cessna 182, Piper Archer, Bonanza A36, Piper Arrow, Piper Seneca, and Beech Baron.

The instrument proficiency check requires the following:
Items which can be done in the simulator
- Holding procedures
- Intercepting and tracking radials
- Non-precision approach
- Precision approach
- Missed approach
- Partial panel approach
- Postflight procedures / checks
Items which must be done in an airplane
- Unusual attitudes
- Circling approach
- Landing from an approach
- One-engine inop approach (if done in a multi-engine airplane)

Other useful training scenarios we recommend considering:

  • VOR navigation for private or sport pilots
  • Icing simulation for instrument pilots
  • Holding practice
  • Introduction to complex aircraft
  • Introduction to multi-engine aircraft
  • Failure simulations
  • Crew resource management

Check out our Package Programs and Accelerated Instrument Rating page for additional information.